NT Versions of UNIX and TCP/IP Utilities

Where is.....

1 Tcl/Tk

The latest location is at Berkeley A mirror of TKNT3.6 is available at Alcatel.

Tk 4.0 is also available. Expect is not supported under NT.

- Thanks to Gordon Chaffee

2 NIST and USNO Time Client

Somar (from Mr. Ramos, get it?) has one utility as shareware. They published a number of other useful tools as well.

Tardis can read the time off of a remote NTP server, this is not the protocol that it delivers in turn for you to use with local clients on a LAN. Also it does not use the NTP protocol, but the old RFC 868 TIME protocol. NTP is more accurate and won't allow the time to go backwards (and cause file dates, etc. to get messed up).

There is also Todd Aven's NTPDate program. From its README:

NTPDATE.EXE is an NT (Intel) port of the ntpdate program which comes as part of the xntp distribution. NTPDATE will query one or more NTP servers and set the local clock based on a statistical interpolation of the 'real' time.

Apparently xntp has been ported to NT. Thanks to Anthony Roby.

3 NFS Client and Server, Samba

If ever something needed to be put in a FAQ: Check out Samba's Web Site, (or you can download it directly) for a great GNU freeware package that allows your UNIX machine to participate in a LAN Manager network. It consists of a pair of services which can be run on a UNIX machine to allow said machine to export its local file system and printers as SMB shares. In other words, if you build Samba and install it on a UNIX box, your lanman clients (including Windows for Workgroups and Windows NT) will be able to access the file system and printers on the UNIX machine in a manner you configure. Thanks to John L. Miller

There are several commercial NFS versions:

There are probably others. Thanks to Cal Sawyer.

4 FTP Client, FTP Server, Ping, Traceroute, Telnet Client, Telnet Server

All of these are built-in to NT. Traceroute can be found in %systemroot%\system32\tracert.exe. Security Warning: Don't overlook the built-in "guest" account. If you set up FTP server, anyone can log into the guest account by giving any name/any password. Fix this by "disabling" guest account under User Admin.

An excellent FTP client called WS_FTP32 is available from many archives including CICA.

A GUI Ping, WSPING32, is available at BHS.

Ataman produces Rlogind, Rexcd and Telnetd Services (for Intel), written by C. Brian Sturgill , President of Ataman.

Beame and Whiteside also produces a Telnet Server.

Seattle Labs' also has a Telnet Server, as well as several other related packages (job scheduler, serial port server) that will be useful to anyone who needs a TelnetD. Check it out. Thanks to Donald D. Meek of Seattle Labs.

A Telnet server for Windows NT 3.5 by Software Innovations will be available soon (call 1-800-946-6688 for more information).

5 NNTP Server

Jeff Croffler has an excellent NNTP server for available at both a primary (info and program) and alternate (program only) site.


Microsoft supplies a port of DNS in the Resource Kit . Unfortunately, it does not work very well. NT 4.0 will have DNS built-in.

The current alternative is using a DNS/BIND port from Metainfo, or NetManage, or Corporate Computer, Inc.

7 SMTP and POP Daemon

So far, five have been discovered. There must be others:

8 Perl

At Intergraph there is a free version of Perl version 4.0. Some very useful NT specific extensions were added, especially with regards to reading and writing the Registry.

There is finally a Version 5 of perl commissioned by Microsoft. If you want further announcements, you can subscribe to ntperl Mailing List (put 'subscribe ntperl' or 'subscribe ntperl-announce' in the body). For more info, contact Dick Hardt at hip communications Inc (604-685-0124, FAX: 604-654-9881) , or Hip's Web site. Thanks to Joseph Casadonte.

9 Listserv

LISTSERV is a commercial product made by l-soft.

Brian Dorricott's NTMAIL also has listserv functionality.

Also, you may want to look at Ipswitch's Web Site or send e-mail (personal, non-automated response) for a description of their product.

10 Finger Daemon

Finger32.exe is also available at BHS.

According to Bobby L. Rose, you can find a better port at Marcopia (look for fingerd-i386.zip). It is very much like the Unix finger daemon. It uses individual .plan and .project files and can enumerate users.


There is of course a built in scheduler under NT called 'at'. There is also a freeware crond service for NT called ntcrnl.exe available at BHS and at a UK Mirror. Thanks to Mark Woollard.

12 HTTP Server

Well, of course, there is Microsoft Internet Information Server. It is bundled in NT 4.0 Server, starting with the Beta 2 general distribution.

Of course, Netscape also has a series of commercial servers. Their support for NT has been excellent.

Anyone interested in an HTTP Server for NT should also check out EMWAC's Internet Toolchest. It is the starting point. Having said that, here are some alternatives.

First, the freeware: EMWAC's HTTP Server is supplied in the NT Resource Kit.

Website from O'Reilly and Assoc.supports CGI, and Win-cgi, which allows you to run 16 bit windows applications.

"I have done a lot of work with VB in this way and its really nice."- Dale E. Reed Jr.

Purveyor, (based upon the EMWAC server) from Process Software has a 30 day evaluation copy.

There is also the SAIC HTTP-server.

"We used to be running the EMWAC-server but we changed to SAIC HTTP because it has more features when it comes to allowing/disallowing access to specific www-pages. It also has some other nice features which the free EMWAC-server lacks (I really like the EMWAC-server, but i think SAIC's is better)." Arne Carlsson

There is also a gateway between Oracle and an NT Webserver. Thanks to Albert Rybalkin.

13 X Client and Server

The r6 client can be found at U. of Texas. To quote Don Loflin, the Microlib/NT librarian:

Please note that x11r6bin.tar.Z includes Windows NT (Intel) binaries only for the X clients included in the standard x11r6 distribution, which can be found on ftp.x.org and its mirrors. There is no X server for NT in the package, nor is there an xterm for NT.

To unpack x11r6bin.tar.Z, you'll need a 'compress' and 'tar' program for NT. Check the microlib/nt/gnu directory for suitable NT/Intel versions.

There also commercial versions from:

14 Displaying Windows applications on X servers

Tektronix has come up with an innovative product that lets you display Windows applications on an X server. The product, Win DD, places a lot of hooks into the operating system that translate MS-Windows messages into the X protocol. The problem: there may be so many hooks that the service packs (maintenance releases) will not be compatible.

ConnectSoft is about to release "Xwindows Connection" software that will allow you to login to an NT system from a Unix X system/term and run MS-Windows apps and display them on the Xwindow System. Thanks to Bob Tadlock,

Citrix may have a similar product (305) 755-0559.

There is also a Remote Desktop, which is not X, but at least allows remote viewing of the desktop. Thanks to Bernd Backhaus.

15 SendMail, BLAT

blat for NT can be found at the College Press, or SimTel. Thanks to James Nelson and Dave Gruber.

16 Bash

bash can be found at Sunsite (look for the bash_nt-xxx directory). Here is the announcement:

Mountain Math Software announces the Beta site release of a port of `bash' the `born again shell' to Windows NT 3.5. This port is based on GNU code and uses some of the Downhill Project code but it is solely the responsibility of Mountain Math Software.

Although this is a somewhat crippled and not fully compatible `bash' it is still immensely superior to `cmd.exe'. There are many things one needs to do, especially in working with large software projects, that require a fully functioning command line shell. This port of `bash' is a freely distributable (under the GNU General Public License) shell that meets that need.

There are three archives:

bash_nt-1.14.2_bin_tar.gz -- executables and installation instructions

bash_nt-1.14.2_src_tar.gz -- source code

bash_nt-1.14.2_doc_tar.gz -- postscript format documentation

HTH, Ulysese Brown (ubrown@pipeline.com, ubrown@bug.com)

17 C-Shell

Doug Hamilton has an excellent C-Shell for all architectures supported by NT. A demonstration version is available at several archives. A commercial version can also be ordered from Hamilton Laboratories (Sudbury, MA, USA - +1-508-440-8307, FAX: +1-508-440-8308). Here is an extract from the marketing material:

Hamilton C shell recreates the original UNIX C shell and utilities, adding numerous enhancements. Over 130 commands, utilities and built-in functions including alias, cat, chmod, cls, cp, cron, cut, diff, dirs, dskread, dskwrite, du, eval, fgrep, grep, hashstat, head, history, kill, more, mt, mv, popd, printf, ps, pushd, rm, sed, sleep, split, strings, tabs, tail, tar (supports tape drives), tee, time, touch, tr, uniq, vol, wc, whereis and xd. Designed from scratch. Carefully follows all Windows NT and Windows95 (Chicago) conventions. Fanatical quality.

18 Kerberos

Cybersafe (Redmond, WA, USA) has a version. Thanks to Jeff Oberlander.


Besides the GNU tools listed in toolkits, there is at least one other version of EMACS floating around: