Windows NT® Tools

24 July 1996


[NOTE: This document is still under construction. Eventually, it will contain specific links to specific relavent tools. Until then, there are some general purpose links.]

UNIX users need not feel awkward with an entirely new UI and command set: nearly all of the standard tools that UNIX users and developers use, ls, yacc, perl, emacs, vi, etc. -- are available for Windows NT. Similarly, most of the servers of traditional Intenet protocols (SMTP, NNTP, HTTP, etc.) are available for Windows NT.

Perl deserves a special mention, due to its use in web server scripting. Microsoft has an arrangement with HIP Communications to make a Win32 version of Perl5 available for Windows NT and Windows 95. In addition to the normal perl.exethere is an ISAPI DLL version of Perl, for improved performance with web servers which support ISAPI, such as Microsoft Internet Information Server. MKS has now started including their own Win32 port of Perl with their toolkit.

The pointers below below contain many useful resources for migrating from UNIX to Windows NT. It is not a comprehensive list (maintaining such a list would be time consuming), but rather a list of most well-known meta-sites, which in turn point to all of the good places...

Microsoft Resources

External (non-Microsoft) Links

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