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The Windows NT User group meets regularly the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at Microsoft's offices in Waltham. Meeting topics focus on issues directly related to the administration, integration, networking, deployment, and development for Windows NT Server's current and future releases. Windows NT Server includes many fully integrated Internet/Intranet services meetings may also contain subjects in this area as well.

The major goals of the New England Windows NT User Group; to further the technical understanding of Windows NT Server; foster and share a wealth of knowledge currently available in the New England area; provide a forum for vendors of NT based services

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Upcoming Meetings

May 6th COM/DCOM, Microsoft Transaction Server, Microsoft Message Queue and why these technologies are important

Upcoming topics:

Please let us know which of these topics interest you most and what else you would like to see at future meetings. Your participation is welcomed and needed. All of the above topics were in direct response to your feedback. Thanks and keep it coming! Send e-mail to

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